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TRACY DONEGAN is a world renowned expert in mindfulness for women - including fertility, pregnancy and birth. Having worked with thousands of women as a midwife, doula, and the founder of multiple companies including the award winning GentleBirth and FertileMind, Tracy has proven that conventional stress reduction techniques often fall short. Relaxation exercises and affirmations might offer fleeting relief, but FertileMind offers a radical new approach for women who've “tried everything' and are ready to reclaim control over their emotional wellness.

I guarantee you'll feel more hopeful, more optimistic and more emotionally balanced.

What our users say

  • Amanda, 34

    "FertileMind transformed my fertility journey. It was a total game-changer for me. I had almost forgotten what hope felt like"

    Amanda, 34
  • Samantha, 34

    "I have practiced meditation for several years, but having Tracy's guidance to apply mindfulness techniques specifically related to fertility has made it easy for me to practice consistently. Overall I feel more connected to my partner and less overwhelmed. FertileMind has been a valuable resource."

    Samantha, 34
  • Grace, 36

    "It took me a few weeks to take it seriously and actually make time to practice most days. Now that I'm further into the program I can't recommend it enough. The benefits show up if you do. I was able to feel more in control and positive in my life."

    Grace, 36
  • Laura, 28

    "I've been doing everything that was suggested to me by my fertility coach and doctors. It seems so obvious to me now that everything I was doing related to my physical body but I wasn't really doing anything for my mind. FertileMind's emphasis on emotional wellbeing and mindfulness sets it apart. It's a major help."

    Laura, 28

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